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Summer Shimizu

Photographer, Visual Artist


She is interested in the perspective of individuals in relation to wider current social, cultural and political systems. The conversations the artist has with others become triggers which are transformed into the fundamentals of a work’s structure. Their recent practice has been focussed on the act of translating cultures towards overcoming intercultural barriers. By highlighting aspects of one’s own culture and exhibiting this work in a range of cultural contexts, international exchange is intended to progress shared understandings. She employs a range of media and materials as required and as in relation to the subject. Her work often manifests in photography and sculpture and site specific installation.

Her love/interests: people, different cultures, society, multiculturalism, biculturalism, nationalism, minimalism, Shinto, philosophy, ideology, Zeami, Noh, home, family, friends, heart, spirits, Socrates, people relationship, lights, colour, eyes, tea ceremony, kimono, Japanese Calligraphy, food, cricket, environment, global warming, and population ageing, belief, human's insatiable desire for discovery, animals, 공지철 Gong Yoo, 서인국 Seo In Guk, Go Ayano, UNICORN (musician).

Skill - Barista

Summer Shimizu



関心事:人、異文化、文化、故郷、家族、友達、心、精神、ソクラテス、哲学、思想、世阿弥、能、光、色、目、茶道、着物、書道、食、クリケット (スポーツ)、次の日でも心に残る写真、環境、温暖化、高齢化、動物、コン・ユ、ソ・イングク、綾野剛、ユニコーン (音楽)

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SUMMER SHIMIZU All Rights Reserved.  

Current Location: Tokyo
現在所在地: 東京

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