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Family Portrait

When was the last time you had a family photo taken?


We all take gazillions of baby and kids photos but as they grow up, we take less.  After they finish high school and/or uni, we hardly ever take any photos together. Next opportunity would be at someone's wedding or someone's funerals...  Also, a family member is always missing out of the family photo because he/she has to press the button.


Talking about myself, I haven't even reached to the turning point of the 42.195km yet, however, I will never be able to take a family photo with my family any more. Well, I can do in a way but it won't be completed.


This was the reason for me to start the "Family Portraits" project.  I would like to take classic family portraits but also like to put more theme and activities during my shoot.  I hope this becomes a trigger to make a new family memory.  I would like every family portrait photos that I shoot to be a new addition to the family memory.  


In the future, when the family had an opportunity to look at these photos again, I hope them to have a great family time at their living room.  When that happens, my project will be completed.


You see how much fun the family had at the shoot.  Smile and laughter never extinct during the shoot.  I also LOL-ed too much and my tripod was almost fall over. I put some explanations under some photos.  Hope you take your time to read them. 



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